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  • Matt Weingarten

    Matt Weingarten

    Currently a Data Engineer at Disney Streaming Services. Previously at Facebook and Nielsen. Bridge player and sports fan.

  • Roberto FRANK Franchini

    Roberto FRANK Franchini

    Pragmatic problem solver

  • Roberto Coluccio

    Roberto Coluccio

    I’m a Data Architect who loves sharing knowledge, talking about innovation and technology, eating food and scuba/free diving. LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/33pwoa8

  • Michelle Carney

    Michelle Carney

    Founder, Machine Learning and UX @mluxmeetup. Member @feministai. UXR @GoogleAI. Lecturer @Stanforddschool. Former @CTSPBerkeley @AFOGBerkeley @BerkeleyISchool

  • Xavier Gumara Rigol

    Xavier Gumara Rigol

    I love build high performing data teams 🚀⭐️, data product management 👨‍💻📊 and experimentation 🧪.

  • Sven Balnojan

    Sven Balnojan

    Ph.D., Product Manager, DevOps & Data enthusiast, and author of “Three Data Point Thursday” & http://datacisions.com

  • Marina Stojanovski

    Marina Stojanovski

    IT strategist, Advisor, Trainer | Helping technology leaders build strong teams and winning digital products

  • Pintomichele


  • Barr Moses

    Barr Moses

    Co-Founder and CEO, Monte Carlo (www.montecarlodata.com). @BM_DataDowntime #datadowntime

  • Sammy El Khammal

    Sammy El Khammal

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